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Owner Lisa Cage

Lisa Cage - Wedding Officiant/Life Coach

I have been licensed and ordained in the ministry for over 30 years. I started working with flowers and wedding decor while in high school and now that I have retired after 22 years as a paralegal I am now getting to do what I love to do.

When I got married the minister was our best friend. We loved him and trusted him with our lives and we believed the words he would say during our ceremony would reflect our love. He knew us and we knew him so when I thought about being a wedding officiant for couples that had no idea who I am I decided that my Bio needed to give you the comfort of knowing me by what my friends have said about me. (yes, I asked my facebook friends for help).

I asked them to tell me some of my attributes. Here is what they said: Compassionate, Selfless, and Giving. A Great Listener, Gentle and Supportive, Honest, Fun, Loyal, Caring and a Great Sense of Humor, Driven, Focused, Detail Oriented, Funny and Kind, A Warm presence, Smart, Understanding and Considerate, Willing, Friend to All, Sweet, Enthusiastic, Flexible, Focused, Dependable, Punctual, Charming, Professional, Assertive, Creative, Responsible, Administrative, Genuine, Honest, Generous, (sometimes to a fault.) A HUGE Heart, Easily Intoxicated ( yep, I’m a Lightweight), Sassy, Classy and a lot Smart Assy. (Well, I do have to own up to that last one, but only sometimes.)

My family is the very most important thing in my life and if I could, I’d reach up to the sky, grab the moon and stars, then present them to them as the greatest gift of love to show how much they mean to me and their abundant worth. I would lay down my life for any of them.

As times have changed so has the face of religion. I have learned that you can be spiritual without being religious and, at the end of the day, all any of us truly want is to give love and receive Love. So what better service could I offer but to be the person on your wedding day to put the words of love and commitment into your ceremony so that you will Love Your Moment.

Please feel free to give us a call or email us at – Lisa


Janice LaCount

From as long as Janice can remember there was always a desire to be in ministry. Janice’s heroes were other ministers ...role models of the life pursued. By the age of 16 she was in full time ministry. She spent many years as a full time traveling evangelist. During those years she was an accomplished speaker, teacher, served on home missions boards and was the associate pastor of All For Love Ministries.

She is a celebrated, nationally known Gospel singer. She has been the featured artist on several Mass Choir albums through the Jackson School of music. She has been the choir director of several choirs that have won multiple awards. She has several, very successful solo albums as well. Janice came in from the road about 8 years age to be the personal caretaker for several different friends as they spent their last days here on earth.

Janice is a breath of fresh air. She is ALWAY happy and you only need to be around her for a few minutes before that happiness rubs off. When asked how she is doing, her answer will always be “I am happy and grateful” Over the last 8 years, as she has held the hand of loved ones as they transitioned, her whole belief system began to change. She realized that you do not have to be religious in order to be spiritual. That God can not be put into any box and most of all that Love is Love. We are very excited to have Janice as a part of our team and once you meet her you will never forget her smile or the twinkle in her eye as she pronounces you “married.”

Brian Michaelz - Wedding Officiant

Brian Michaelz has been a part of the wedding and entertainment industry for many years. As an Ordained Minister, Michaelz has spent his time between Emergency Services Chaplaincy dedicated to first responders and weddings. His love and passion for weddings was sparked when a dear friend asked Brian to officiate her wedding and he has never looked back.

He brings a fresh and bright energy, passion, and professionalism to his work while customizing the perfect wedding ceremony for his couples. His philosophy is that the wedding ceremony is the heart and soul of your wedding. His ceremonies provide a natural expression of yourselves with a genuine reflection of everything that makes your union so unique and so very special. Brian Michaelz prides himself in working with couples of all religions, ages, and backgrounds.

In addition to officiating weddings, Michaelz is skilled in the fine art of music and entertainment. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production and a Master’s in Entertainment Business, he has filled the dual role of Officiant and DJ for many wedding parties across the nation.

When Brian Michaelz is not officiating ceremonies, or spinning the tunes he enjoys spending time with his wife TJ and twin boys Sean and Chet, traveling, entertaining and much more. His wonderful disposition ensures that all of your guests will love him and your ceremony.

Stephen Milner

From an early age, Stephen felt called to serve in ministry. He was raised in the church, and his parents served full time in ministry. As an adult, Stephen went on to be a youth minister for several years before meeting his wife Briana. Soon after marriage, they served overseas in the South Pacific for a short-term mission stent. Once back in the US, Stephen served as an Associate Pastor before Seminary in 2012. After graduating from seminary in 2014, Stephen and his wife served communities as ordained ministers.

After serving in the PNW for a few years, Stephen and Briana welcomed their daughter Brielle after praying for her for over three, long, years. With the arrival of their daughter, they knew they wanted to take a step back and focus on raising this precious gift. They moved to Stephen’s childhood area in North Dallas to begin a slower pace at life. Once here, they welcomed their son, Thaddeus, a few years later. Life continues to bring moments of joy and blessings! Both being raised and serving in ministry, one thing has rung true the most; humanity and community are served best when one person joins another person in commitment and love.

I find being a part of that one moment in two people’s journey to be God’s love manifested in creation. When I have the privilege to come alongside and facilitate that moment, I find myself blessed and overjoyed. Stephen is an ordained minister, having served for nearly 15 years vocationally.

Laura Sutherland

Laura Sutherland

Rev. Laura Sutherland offers interfaith and non-denominational weddings, memorials, baptisms, house blessings, pet memorials and any other sacred service clients may desire. She is dedicated to providing a first class, meaningful experience for you and your loved ones. Expertise and experience are coupled with genuine care and concern to assure clients a sacred ceremony to remember and cherish for years to come.

Rev. Laura spent years as a certified wedding planner but ultimately felt a call to the more spiritual side of sacred ceremonies. She was ordained in 2000 and has officiated all types of personalized, one-of-a-kind weddings. Please note that Rev. Laura does not discriminate against age, sex, gender, race or religion. ALL are welcome!

TJ Michaelz

TJ’s love of weddings has followed her forever and always carried over into her work. Working as a project and office manager in the entertainment sector, she had the opportunity to plan conferences, concerts, and meetings for some of the most noted leaders, entertainers, and organizations in California, New Mexico, and Texas.

As a wedding and events planner, TJ has also branched into Officiating and utilized her skills to hone in on her passion for helping clients create truly fantastic moments. “There is nothing more satisfying than knowing my services made my clients’ day better.

TJ’s along with her husband Brian truly embrace the wedding lifestyle and strive to help every couple to love their moment.

Megha Pulianda

Megha Pulianda, LPC, PhD is a DFW-based Psychologist offering in-person and telehealth individual, family, and couples psychotherapy. Dr. Pulianda uses evidence-based practices and a warm, inclusive environment to help her clients achieve their goals.

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